Are you really not ready, or is it Fear?

Are you really not ready, or is it Fear?

I had this impromptu chat with a new friend of mine at the gym a few weeks back. He was sharing how his platform was growing and the demand for expertise was rising but he felt as though he was not quite ready to drop a product…even though there was a demand for it and he had the audience. I found it interesting that he felt as though he was not ready, so I asked him, what are you waiting for to feel ready?

I find that question to be the one that most people do not ask themselves, especially because if you were to truly ask yourself WHY you weren’t doing something and actually list those things out there are often times nothing truly stopping you but YOU.

We talked more and he expressed his personal feelings on why he felt he was not ready at the moment, I remember listening and thinking to myself… he is ready but he doesn't even realize it.

That sort of prompted this blog post. I think back to when I quit my job almost 4 years ago with no backup plan, no savings (I do not recommend), and no freaking clue on what I was going to do next… was I ready? HELL NO. But I did it anyway.

I think back to starting my business, learning paid ads, charging for my services, and building a community from 0. Was I ready? HELL NO.

I think in life we convince ourselves that there is some feeling, or some moment, or some THING that will alert us when we are truly ready but the honest truth is, most of the things in life we truly want and desire we will never be fully ready for.

Fear is made up, my father used to say this to me all of the time when I was younger and I find myself repeating it to myself constantly: “ Let them tell you no”

So many times we self-eliminate, no one said you weren’t ready, you are scared and that is okay… do it scared.

Stop holding yourself back, stop second-guessing, stop trying to make it perfect and just START.

If you feel attacked, this was most likely the sign you’ve been praying for so I’m glad!

I don’t know where I would be had I waited until I was “ready”

I also am willing to bet YOU could be closer to your goal if you stop waiting on being “ready”

So here’s my challenge to you

Focus on progress instead of perfection, commit to getting started, and stop waiting.

You can do this, it is possible.

I haven’t decided if this is my business blog or diary, you be the judge.

I believe in you, believe in yourself

Let’s Win,



  • Rebecca -

    Needed this, thank you!

  • Money -

    Good job

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